The Craft and Science of Building with Formance SIP’s

Builders’ Blog  – by Peter White

After 45 years in the construction industry Peter White explains the value and process of using Formance Panels 

Peter White Bio

Peter White’s 45-year career in the construction industry includes experience as a carpenter, leading hand, contracts’ manager, company manager, construction company owner, project manager and cost-management consultant.

Peter has had a long-held interest and enthusiasm for the use of prefabricated panel construction and, in particular, the significant benefits of building with structural insulated panels (SIP’s) which deliver a higher standard than required by the building code. To assist homeowners, consultants and builders, Peter writes a monthly Builders’ Blog with information on the building process with Formance SIP’s.

In addition, Peter offers a specialist SIP’s costing and pricing service to Formance clients.

Contact: 0276 242 163


Building Science and Structural Insulated Panels

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