Contemporary & High-Performing in Upper Hutt

Project Stats:

Formance SIPs used: 

Formance SIP Walls R2.8 (115mm)

Formance SIP Roof R8.3 (315mm)

Builder: Holmes Construction

Architect: Holmes Architecture

Location: Upper Hutt

Floor Area: 300 m2 

Built: 2017




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4 Bateson Way low res 003

This Upper Hutt home designed by Holmes Architecture, features straightlines and a boxy aesthetic. The two-story design is stacked with an setback feature, presenting impressive forms from any vantage point. A stunning atrium stairwell contributes and enhances the design.

4 Bateson Way low res 016

On approach, via a quaint private lane way bordered by manicured front yards and single level hip roofed dwellings, the finished building is almost rebelliously modern and provides a visual pop of contemporary sculpture within it’s established suburban setting.

4 Bateson Way low res 018

While the architecture is a counterpoint to the existing development the building sits comfortably within it’s setting where the various forms and eclectic materials have been articulated and offset to offer a highly expressionist modern home.

4 Bateson Way low res 015 v2

You can create a stunning home with all the features, and still have a cold, drafty and unhealthy home. The homeowners of this build knew it was important to build a home that would have a warmer, drier and healthier living environment, that would stay that way for years to come. 

They chose Formance as the system to create the most high-performing envelope while also fitting with their stunning and sophisticated design.

4 Bateson Way low res 013

They also chose a fully insulated slab, ProClima Vapour Barriers and heat ventilation system for the ultimate results in energy efficiency. The result this is a home that has a consistent, warm temperature from room to room. 

4 Bateson Way low res 009

Complementing the eclectic external forms and finishes are the homes interiors which feature colourful paint finish OSB walls, internal metal linings, feature steel/ white ash and acrylic stair atrium, textural wall coverings along with a bright and playful kitchen fit out.

4 Bateson Way low res 022

For a home to give superior performance its essential to separate the interior and exterior environments well.

One of the most critical elements of a sustainable home is the building envelope (the roof, external walls and the floor). You don’t have control of the outside environment; but with the right choices you can have control of the inside one.

Formance Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are a high-performance building material for the ultimate sustainable home. They provide high insulation, high strength and a low eco-footprint for your building envelope. The right material choice for ongoing high performance in hot and cold climatic zones anywhere in New Zealand. 

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