European Architect puts Formance to the test

Architect building his own home. Young European couple, experiencing wild NZ climate. Although used to much colder winters back home, they couldn't understand why do winters appear colder in NZ.

"We decided to build with Formance panels. Simply the only available construction alternative, that achieves high-performance building envelope, while being cost-comparable to conventional construction. It allows us to create an attractive building, on a complex site, with a reasonably small foot print. Construction is light and strong and we are possitive the bills to heat this smart, close-to-passive building, will stay very low as well. Lots of northern sun, coupled with in-slab heating and superior insulation." 

You can follow up the progress on

IMG 9327

Formance panels are dimensionally very accurate and therefore it is easy to achieve a flat ceiling, which is a great starting point for laying internal linings.

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