Nelson Passive Home

Project Stats:

Formance SIPs used:
Walls R4.3 (165mm)
Roof R5.7 (215mm)

Continuum Architects

Tasman Homes


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Project Background.

Homeowners Allan & Val felt it was their time to move out of Auckland, so they scoped out a site situated in the suburb of Richmond, Nelson - with a spectacular view out to the sea. 

In their decision to build, and coming from an old californian bungalow, Allan and Val looked at other ways to build due to being unsatisfied with the current building standards and experience with cold, drafty homes. 

After much research and attendance at several seminars, they settled on building with Formance Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Now, they're in awe at the performance of their new home. Here are just a few of the things they're loving:

  • They don't even need to turn the towel rails on in the Bathroom - as the home is already warm enough year-round, and the towels just dry on their own anyway!
  • Their home never got any colder than 19 degrees Celcius in Winter, even when the nights were around 7-9 degrees outside. 
  • Every room has a consistent temperature & and it just feels lovely to live in

Watch Allan & Val's testimonial for more on how much they love their home.


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Consistent Temperature from room to room.

A Formance Energy Efficient Home means that there's no such thing as walking down the other end of the house and it's colder. The temperature is constant, consistent and just a comfortable living environment.

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A stunning, modern kitchen

Some kitchen design inspiration here - A fresh-look kitchen, with a wooden bench & matching barstools, tying in with the flooring.

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What do Formance Panels do in terms of energy-efficiency?

Making the change from sticks to SIPs alone can see your energy use to at least half. We've done thermal modeling on spaces and come back with results that using Formance on your home can dramatically reduce your power bill. Most homeowners say they're paying at least half of what their old home's powerbill was.

Find out more about how building with Formance reduces your power bill

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