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Tips for SIPs

Clean simple designs work best. 

simple designs2

Maximise the opportunity for a healthy indoor environment.

Install a heat recovery ventilation system - using a bypass heat exchanger. 


Use full panels wherever possible, or easy fractions of panels (1/2, 1/3, 1/4).

Work within standard panel heights of 2.44, 2.74, 3.0, 6.1 for most effective use of panels. All panels are 1.22 wide. 

minimise waste2

Minimise the size of heating/cooling units.

Allow for the much greater insulation capabilities of SIPs. 

heating cooling2

Minimise panel cuts. 

minimise panel cuts2

Make use of the boundary joist in the roof panel as a lintel.

Floor to ceiling windows are super easy! 


Use the loft space!

Free extra floor space available - make the most of it! 

use loft space2

Designing with Formance Panels - Overview

Learn the basic principles and steps to follow when designing with Formance SIPs

Designing Formance Roof

Thermal VS Reinforced Formance roof 

Lintels and Overhangs with Formance Panels

How to best utilise Formance ROOF panels 

Ordering Panel Layout Drawings 

Check list for ordering manufacturing of the Formance panels 


Wall Detail


Roof Detail


Eave Detail


External Corner