The Formance Design Guide Version 2.0

Regarded as the authority on SIP design by designers around the country, and referred to by councils the Formance Design Guide has everything you need to design and consent a home without the need for the extra cost of sign-off by a structural engineer, up to the scope of NZS3604:2011

The 13-step Formance Design Guide Process on Page 20 of the Formance Design Guide will help you understand what parts of the build are covered by Formance & which remain traditional.

The Formance Design Guide V1.1 (available to use for building consents granted up to 30/6/24) and the Formance Ready Guide are available on request by emailing [email protected]

Download the guide



Designers Checklist

This is to be filled and submitted by the designer to the BCA along with the building consent application as per step 12 of the Formance Design Process setout on page 20 of the Formance Design Guide.



 Download an interactive PDF version of the Designers Checklist here


Formance Specification Documentation

Go to the Masterspec website for more information.


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Download the Formance cladding underlay specifications file below.

Formance Solitex Extasana Specification (.pdf)

Code Mark Certificate

The Formance building system is accredited by CodeMark as a means of demonstrating compliance with the NZ Building Code.


Download latest certificate here