8 - Bracing Wall Penetrations

Technical Bulletin #08 

Created 01/04/21

Download FTB008 - Formance Bracing Wall Penetrations DF.pdf

There is often the need in our buildings to penetrate the external building envelope to provide access for services. This bulletin covers off how to deal with these with Formance Structural Insulated Bracing Panels,

Formance bracing panels are the same as non-bracing panels except perimeter nailing patterns and hold down requirements.

The Oriented Strand Board facings of Formance SIP’s are a structural element and any penetrations need to be carefully planned.

Below are the parameters to be followed when penetrating are required.


Suggested Layout and Parameters:

Penetrations to one skin only: (e.g. - power outlet holes)

  • 2 per bracing panel
  • 600mm away from any other penetration
  • 90x90mm square
  • 200mm from edge of Formance wall panel centrally


Penetrations right through panel: (e.g. – Ventilation unit extract)

  • 1 per bracing panel
  • 600mm away from any other penetration
  • 150mm dia.
  • 200mm from top or bottom of Formance wall panel centrally
  • Must be central in a full width panel (1220mm)


Additional penetrations may be possible when underwritten by a suitably qualified engineering professional.


Figure 1



Every panel penetration is required to be sealed to maintain the airtightness of the building envelope. This can be achieved by the use of a suitable expansion foam and airtight tapes where required.


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