Next-generation learning environment in Canterbury

"For the optimal learning environment students should have warm feet and cool heads - not the other way around" - Nick Hubbard, Formance MD

Our future generations of students need the best possible chance to succeed. Don't accept anything less for your project.

This project is notable for the level of planning and coordination required between the various structural elements of the building. Precise panel layout drawings were coordinated with the structural steel drawings to create the building envelope. 

An airtight building envelope is even more critical in a large building to ensure not only the energy-efficiency of the building but also the longevity and durability of the building. Proper sealing of the internal layers of the Formance panel is very important. 

Heating, Ventilation and Cooling equipment operates at maximum efficiency in buildings with a properly installed Formance envelope.

The architecture and coordination work was done by Performance Architecture

Concept School

SIP panel school concepts in Canterbury

Working Drawings School

Working drawings

Steel Structure in School

Structural steel drawing

Building School
Formance SIP panels going up, fitting perfectly over the structural steel thanks to collaborative design coordination.