Cost of building with SIPs

Before starting this form, you will need:

  • Architectural floor plans
  • wall elevations and cross-sections
  • including all dimensions
  • any other relevant files or information pertaining to the project
  • in PDF format

The cost of building with Formance SIPs is comparable to building with traditional pre-cut frames. There are many factors affecting build cost and the decision to upgrade your building to one with an energy efficient envelope. Ongoing energy savings should be considered as they are significant when building with Formance SIPs.

For a good overview of SIP costs refer to Peter White's blog here

If you're ready for a cost estimate from us on your project please use this form to outline the panel specification and upload the plans. 

We love seeing all the amazing ideas for new homes and would feel privileged to have the opportunity to help you into a Formance home.